Do Good. Dine Out. No Kid Hungry


No Kid Hungry Dine Out September 2014


September is No Kid Hungry Month and, believe it or not, you have the opportunity to help fight hunger with your fork.

The average person will eat 90 meals in the month of September… we’re talking breakfast, lunch and dinner. That means you have 90 opportunities (well, since it’s September 3, a few less now) to dine out and make a difference for the 1 in 5 kids struggling with hunger in your community and mine.

This month, thousands of restaurants around the country are donating a portion of your meal tab to help kids get breakfast before school, after school meals and food in the summer. The money will also be used to teach kids the benefits of healthy eating and cooking.  To find a restaurant near you, click here.

If there are no participating restaurants in your area, you can still make a tax-deductible donation to No Kid Hungry… just click here. Did you know that $1 can provide a child with as many as 10 meals?

I believe every child deserves three meals a day… every day. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Do Good. Dine Out. No Kid Hungry

  1. Cathy

    I really like your blog-I have told you that before but I just can’t help saying it again! 🙂 Love the idea of this zucchini goodness-yum! Also love the no kid campaign! I’ll never forget a striking moment as I watched a child from another country being asked what intrigues you most about the USA? His answer that we eat three meals a day. We have been beyond blessed here and still there are those who go without. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Christina Post author

      Oh my goodness, Cathy, that is an incredible story. We are a land of plenty… but there are still plenty of children who don’t have what they really need: food. I know what you mean about kids in other countries. I travel a great deal (and used to travel even more as a journalist) and the comparison is startling to contemplate. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet compliments… and poignant observations.


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