The Best Baked Potato Bar


The Best Baked Potato Bar EverThis is a great idea for when you have a lot of leftovers: 


A lot of us (especially kids) love a good Baked Potato Bar… and with leftovers in your fridge, dinner is almost ready.

Pull out leftover taco meat and the steamed veggies. Chop up the remaining rotisserie chicken and warm it up. Got some salsa? Add that, too.

I’ve never tried leftover pie on a baked potato, but, heck, why not? Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Here are a few more suggestions for your potato bar buffet:


  • Chopped crispy bacon, feta cheese, steamed broccoli
  • Shredded rotisserie chicken, salsa, cilantro, sliced jalapenos
  • Taco-seasoned ground beef, Monterrey Jack cheese, chopped tomatoes,
  • Canned chili (or homemade, if you’ve got it!), shredded Cheddar cheese, diced onions
  • Pepperoni slices, pasta sauce, Mozzarella cheese, shredded basil leaves

So think: Thanksgiving Leftovers = Baked Potato Bar

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Kitchen Think: This Week’s Most Interesting Food News


The holiday party season is kicking into high gear, and so is this week’s food news.

The Huffington Post suggests we get things going with a whale-skin cocktail or two!


What better place to enjoy that cold cocktail than in this New York City all-ice bar, where The New York Times says everything from the tables to the glasses are made of ice.


The real estate blog,, takes you to some of the worlds most uniquely designed fast-food restaurants.

Pizza Hut announced this week it’s making a perfume that smells like pizza. (Really? Is this a product that the world can’t live without??) But the Daily Meal says pizza isn’t the only food-scent out there. Eau de Sushi, anyone?

And finally, as Hanukkah wraps up, says if latkes could talk, they would, of course, nag.


Have a great weekend!


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