Kitchen Think: This Week’s Food News You Need To Know


An interesting week in Food News. Not because anything major happened, but because I found a lot of really cool interactive ways to waste my time on the internet while looking for food news. Mama is just a tad ADD… 

But first, please throw that salt you spilled over your left shoulder.

Today’s Friday the 13th, and if you believe in that sort of thing, food superstitions abound. Do you cut your noodles? Ah, that explains a lot.

Would you eat a Frankenapple (aka: a genetically engineered non-browning apple)? The U.S. Apple Association hopes you won’t.

Here are some of the best food graphs, courtesy of GraphJam. See, I told you I wasted a lot of time…


“No other fish in North America defines where you stand in this world quite so much as the catfish.” Hank Shaw on the wonders of cat fishing in California (!) and a delicious recipe.

image by hank shaw

Finally, when my children were old enough (like 3 or 4), the first recipe we made together was Sugar Cookies, from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham. This is a great cookbook for the beginner because the recipes are easy to read and follow, and a great source for learning basic techniques and other important things, like how to stock your kitchen. Marion Cunningham died this week after years of being ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease. She leaves behind an amazing legacy.

That’s it. I’ll cross my fingers that you’ll have a great weekend…




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