Plated + Served: Parmesan Chicken Nuggets


Ready… set… GO!

And so we begin another sprint towards the holiday finish line.

Here’s a great recipe to make when you have at least an hour to get dinner ready. Why in the world would Mama offer up a recipe that actually takes more work and more time? Because you are going to freeze half and save the rest for when you are really crashing (like, oh, let’s say, Wednesday, November 21st).

These delicious little crunchy nuggets reheat beautifully and can be served as a meal with a little marinara sauce. Or, stick a toothpick in them and call them an appetizer. Totally kid, teenager, adult friendly… easy.

Don’t worry if your nuggets don’t come out perfect (you’re not McDonald’s). Just make sure you cook them evenly and all the way through. Changing the oil and wiping out the pan is important so they don’t burn or get too dark (like some of mine did).

So put on your running shoes and smile… we’re heading into the holidays, the happiest time of the year! REALLY!


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