Plated + Served: The Ultimate Sticky Buns


This recipe took me half the day to make, but it was worth it.

The Ultimate Sticky Buns

Y’all know Mama’s not a baker. But I am a sucker for those beautiful images that food magazines love to put on their covers to tempt and taunt those of us who love to cook and create. And eat.

WELL, mama got suckered again…

Last month’s bon appétit magazine had an image of an ooey-gooey caramel and pecan sticky bun on the cover, and, of course, the very detailed recipe inside for The Ultimate Sticky Buns.

This isn’t the kind of recipe that you roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and whip up for the kids. No. Things have to rise and chill and rise again. Then there’s the shaping and more rising and finally(!) baking (for nearly an hour).

But when the first hints of cinnamon start teasing the air, you understand why you’re going through all this effort.


You love to cook. You love to create. You love to eat. You love doing ALL this for those you love.

These are Sticky Buns, all right. Try them… your loved ones will be stuck on them. Promise.

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