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Lamb Stew - Mama's High Strung

Do you share your recipes?

When you personally share a recipe, whether it’s a treasured family creation or something you tore out of a magazine, tried and enjoyed, you are sharing a little bit of yourself.

Many of us share recipes all the time: on our websites or blogs, on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. And of course we’re all able to get our dose of visual food porn on Pinterest and Instagram.

But when someone gives you a recipe directly, it’s even more special. They are sharing with you something that made them happy (and probably made those whom they fed happy, too)… a food memory made this way is pure love.

My wonderful friend Ivy moved away from Chicago to begin the next chapter of her life in Santa Fe. When she saw all my Hatch Chile posts a few weeks back, she shared her recipe for Green Chile Lamb Stew.

I knew I had to make it… not just because Ivy’s a great cook, but because she’s all about family and friends and, well, sharing. I knew that when I made this Lamb Stew, I would have her back in my kitchen again for a little while.

I used Hatch Chiles in this recipe (remember I bought 25 lbs. and froze them), but you can use any green chile, like Anaheim peppers, Cubanelle peppers or poblano peppers. Just make sure you roast and peel the peppers. Remove the seeds and veins if you don’t want your stew spicy.

Lamb Stew - Mama's High Strung

This recipe takes about 2 to 3 hours to slow cook on the stove, so I used my trusty Pauli Cookware Pot. This is the perfect piece of cookware for a stew because you don’t have to constantly stir the stew or worry that it’s going to burn!

Ivy and Momo -Mama's High StrungThanks, Ivy. For the recipe… and everything else that comes with it.


If you liked this recipe, you’ll love my recipe for Vietnamese Beef Stew!

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Vietnamese Beef Stew


I know what you’re thinking: “A stew. Really? When it’s so hot and muggy?”

Mama's High Strung- Vietnamese Beef Stew Yes… because this Vietnamese Beef Stew proves that it IS possible for a stew to be light, and, dare I say it, refreshing.

It’s the star anise and cinnamon combination that lifts this stew above the ordinary and gives it a playful summery flavor. Simmering it for hours tenderizes an otherwise tough cut of meat and allows the flavors to deepen and develop.

My inspiration for this stew comes from a similar dish I devoured at James Beard Award-winning Chef Chris Shepherd’s restaurant, Underbelly, in Houston.

I prepared this recipe on top of the stove in my Pauli Cookware. You can also cook it in a crockpot, so that after being out of the house all day enjoying summer, you’ll have a great dinner waiting for you at home!

Star anise is a key ingredient in this dish… read more about it in my post “What is Star Anise?”
Here’s another delicious dish I think you’ll enjoy… Seafood Cioppino.

Plated + Served: Glorious Morning Glory Bread


Morning Glory Bread


Morning Glory Bread made me break my promise not to eat so much bread this year.

I’m totally blaming it on the bread, because I was looking for a recipe on what to do with leftover carrots and the words “MORNING GLORY” leapt off the page and, eventually, into my mixing bowl. I’ve made a few changes to the original recipe to make it easier.

The recipe was for muffins, but I liked the comforting idea of baking a loaf of bread (it was -8°F outside at the time). This moist, sweet bread is full of bits of dried fruit and nuts. It seems like it would be dense and heavy, but it’s not.

It’s simply… glorious.



Plated + Served: Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw


Remember years ago, when George Bush (the first one) said he didn’t like broccoli and that as president no one could force him to eat it? Man, did he ever get a lot of flak from broccoli farmers!

Well, with all due respect to the former president (meant in the British way), broccoli is really popular at my house. It’s the one vegetable that we can all agree on. Everyone likes the florets, but Drew and I are the only ones who like the stalks. This weekend, everyone became a stalk eater when I whipped up this easy-to-make crunchy slaw.

If you don’t have as many broccoli stalks as I call for in the recipe, just use more carrots, or cut the recipe in half. I topped my Lamb Mole Tacos with the slaw. Yummy pie.

You’ll have half a cup or so of extra dressing (depending on how wet you like your slaw). Save it and toss it with some greens, or, if you have leftover slaw, mix it with some cooked pasta for a tasty side dish.

Maybe George should try this recipe… who knows, it might change his outlook on broccoli forever!

Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw


Crunchy Broccoli Ginger Slaw with Lamb Mole Soft Tacos


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