Plated + Served: Kimchi Chicken Soup


Have you been ill? It’s going around. Now here’s the cure.

Last week I begged you not to go running for the hills when you see the word “kimchi.” Yes, it’s made of fermented cabbage. Yes, it can be a tad spicy. But if you whip up this simple soup, you (and anyone else who’s feeling puny) will perk right up.

Maybe it’s the probiotics in kimchi. Maybe it’s the chicken broth. Could be the cilantro. Regardless, this is an easy–to-make soup when you’re feeling less than zero and really need your head cleared.

Now, send someone to the store to get some kimchi, broth and a rotisserie chicken. Have a big satisfying bowl and crawl back into bed with your box of tissues. And remember, spring is just around the corner… (Pleeeeasssee God, please…)

Kimchi Chicken Soup



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