The Kitchen Think: Dine Out to Help Out


September is “No Kid Hungry” month and here’s an easy way for you to help: feed yourself.


If you eat out at any one of more than 8,000 participating restaurants this month, you’ll be helping to end childhood hunger in this country. Did you know 1 in 5 kids live in households where there’s a struggle to put food on the table?

A portion of each restaurant’s September receipts will go to benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign and its work connecting kids at risk of hunger with nutritious food and teaching their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

The restaurants vary from city to city… from upscale restaurants like Sprout in Chicago and Horatio’s in San Francisco to Sizzler’s, Denny’s and Corner Bakery. To find a restaurant near you, click here.

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Here’s an idea: why not take the kids to one of the restaurants on the list. Talk to them about hunger in America and let them know how THEY are helping others by eating out.

But get moving… September is already half-over!


The Kitchen Think: All The Food News You Need To Know


Lady Gaga (again!), Mario Batali, Slurpees and Denny’s… just some of the food headlines from this week.

I’ll tell you all about it, but hurry up and finish eating your Grand Slam Breakfast.

For a guy who owns several restaurants, has a cooking show and makes a lot of food-related appearances every day, this must be a REAL challenge. New York-based Chef Mario Batali (and his family) are eating for a week on a food stamp budget to protest proposed government spending cuts. Here’s a surprise…he says he’s hungry.

California produces some of the most glorious strawberries in the world… but at what cost?

Denny’s, home of the pork heavy Grand Slam breakfast, is now saying it will work with suppliers to stop the practice of cramming pregnant pigs into tiny cages.

When you’re eating out and think what you’ve ordered is healthy… think again.



Cage free. Free range. Artisanal. Sustainable. You’ve heard these words, and probably used them… but are they just marketing gimmicks?



Now, here’s the kind of headline Mama really likes… especially now that it’s starting to warm up: 7-Eleven says they’re going to start selling a Slurpee Lite.

Finally, I’m sure the beleaguered folks in the beef industry were over the moon when they saw Lady Gaga’s new dress. I wonder if she held it together with meat glue? Have a great weekend!







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