Kitchen Think: This Week’s Food News You Need to Know


Interesting and eclectic week in food news… Angelina, Lady Gaga, kashi cereal and the beef industry. How’s that for a wild mix of headlines?

Now finish your Gluten Free pizza and I’ll tell you what you need to know…

Kashi with new Non-GMO labeling

Kellogg scrambled this week to jump on the Non-GMO bandwagon after one of its “natural” cereals was pulled from the shelves of several organic grocers.

2.2.pound bag of Transglutaminase Meat Glue


This hasn’t been a good year for the embattled beef industry… this week they defended so-called “meat glue,” saying they’re unaware of any safety issues.

Looks like the government is giving up efforts to try and control how companies market and sell foods aimed at kids… is this a good or a bad thing?




Most women try to lose weight before the wedding. Well, Angelina Jolie is reportedly is trying to pack on the pounds before the big day (and no, she’s not do it by dining with Brad and the kids at fast food joints).


We're Gluten Free! Not Really!


Domino’s introduced a new pizza that’s gluten free… well, sort of.


Lady Gaga's Teacup

A lipstick-stained teacup used by Lady Gaga one time was auctioned for a mind-blowing price…

Finally, this week Chicago Chef Grant Achatz was inducted into the James Beard Foundation Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Achatz’s second restaurant venture, NEXT, won the Foundation’s Best New Restaurant Award for 2012. Here’s a crazy video from his other award winning restaurant, Alinea, which has a dish on the menu with 86 individual components. Have a look and have a great Mother’s Day weekend!




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