Kitchen Think: Organize Those Recipes!


You know all those online recipes you’ve printed and are dying to try?

Where are they?
1. Stacked by the computer?
2. Serving as a coaster?
3. Folded into a book somewhere?

Here’s a way you can find those recipes when you (finally) have time to try them.salty fig

Mama’s High Strung just became part of a network that allows you to collect, organize and share all of your favorite recipes. It’s called Salty Fig.

You may have seen the badge on my most recent recipes. If you clicked on it, you’d discover that it’s a great way to keep track of your favorite recipes…either your own or those from your favorite food websites and blogs.

You can even create your very own customized recipe books to share with your friends… and make a playlist to go along with it. Think: Baby and Bridal Showers, going away gifts, summertime recipes for a teacher.

Got a treasured recipe from Grandma written on a faded piece of notebook paper? You can include that, too: Scan it and then upload it to your cookbook or recipe collection. It’ll be there when you want to pass it on.

Stop playing hide and seek with your recipes! Check it out:



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