Plated + Served: Cheesy Enchilada Stacks


An “Anytime Dish” is great… especially when it is quick and easy to pull together.

You know what Mama means by an “Anytime Dish,” right?Enchilada Products

Throw an egg on it and it’s breakfast. Add some leftover meat and it’s lunch or dinner. Leave the meat out, add some beans and it’s perfect for the vegetarians at your table. Put it in a cute, individual dish and you’ve got brunch, or a tasty (and nice looking) meal to serve guests.

These Cheesy Enchilada Stacks are  especially quick and easy because everything comes out of can or a package (we all like shortcuts, don’t we?). Of course, if you really want to, you CAN make your own Enchilada Sauce and fry your own tortillas and cook the beans.

But by having a few of these things on hand, you’ve got a meal that is ready quickly with very little effort… anytime!

Enchilada Stacks


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