Gadget Tree: What the Heck is This?


Kevin asks: We picked up a box of kitchen gadgets at a garage sale and found this. My wife says it’s an artist’s paint mixer. Looks like an egg poacher to me.


Well… first of all, Mama commends you for being “green” and recycling. It’s less expensive than buying new (obviously) and you’ll likely make amazing discoveries.

Like this porcelain escargot plate. “Escargot,” as in cooked snails swimming in warm garlic butter, with crusty French bread on the side. (Escargot is a French word and is actually a generic term for edible snails.)

The divots in the escargot plate hold the snail in its shell during cooking, serving and eating. It helps if you have escargot tongs to hold the shell while using an escargot fork to lift the snail out before popping it in your mouth.

Dig around in that box you got at the garage sale… maybe you’ll find some more escargot accouterment.

Mama’s eaten escargot (yummy-pie!), but never prepared it at home… she certainly doesn’t have any of those fancy-do escargot dishes. Which leads me to only one thought:

That must have been one helluva garage sale…


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