Ivy’s Green Chile Lamb Stew


Lamb Stew - Mama's High Strung

Do you share your recipes?

When you personally share a recipe, whether it’s a treasured family creation or something you tore out of a magazine, tried and enjoyed, you are sharing a little bit of yourself.

Many of us share recipes all the time: on our websites or blogs, on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. And of course we’re all able to get our dose of visual food porn on Pinterest and Instagram.

But when someone gives you a recipe directly, it’s even more special. They are sharing with you something that made them happy (and probably made those whom they fed happy, too)… a food memory made this way is pure love.

My wonderful friend Ivy moved away from Chicago to begin the next chapter of her life in Santa Fe. When she saw all my Hatch Chile posts a few weeks back, she shared her recipe for Green Chile Lamb Stew.

I knew I had to make it… not just because Ivy’s a great cook, but because she’s all about family and friends and, well, sharing. I knew that when I made this Lamb Stew, I would have her back in my kitchen again for a little while.

I used Hatch Chiles in this recipe (remember I bought 25 lbs. and froze them), but you can use any green chile, like Anaheim peppers, Cubanelle peppers or poblano peppers. Just make sure you roast and peel the peppers. Remove the seeds and veins if you don’t want your stew spicy.

Lamb Stew - Mama's High Strung

This recipe takes about 2 to 3 hours to slow cook on the stove, so I used my trusty Pauli Cookware Pot. This is the perfect piece of cookware for a stew because you don’t have to constantly stir the stew or worry that it’s going to burn!

Ivy and Momo -Mama's High StrungThanks, Ivy. For the recipe… and everything else that comes with it.


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The Kitchen Think: Fed Up with Foodie Cell Phone Photographers


Mama’s guilty. I’ve done it many times. I’m sure you have, too… at least once. Now I’ve come to believe it’s just plain rude. 

I’m talking about taking cell phone photos of your food in restaurants.

Bad Image

What is this anyway?

What’s most annoying? The flash. If you need a flash, then you don’t have enough light, which means your image is going to be slightly out of focus and look like an overexposed hot mess.

So you snagged a great table at the hottest place in town. I’m sure you’ve already Tweeted and put your plans on your Facebook page. Is it really that urgent that all of your 4,321 friends know you’re eating sweetbreads AT THAT VERY MOMENT?

Many restaurants are making it simple: No cellphones. That’s actually a blessing in abundance: No texting. No phone calls. No photos.

Mama can hear your complaints already: “But it’s free advertising for the restaurant,” and “I’m just giving the chef a shout-out for her creativity.” Baloney. You have a toy and you want to use it because you think you’re creating art. This is what I mean:

I’m not deluded. You’ll continue to Instagram everything that’s served you so you can Pin It and put it on your Tumblr feed. There are entire websites and Facebook pages dedicated to making your foodie cell phone images look better. But there are also a few Cell Phone Food Photography Hater pages, too. So can we all agree on a few things?

  • Obey the restaurant’s rules. If the restaurant says no cellphones, then put it away.
  • No flash. Turn the flash off before you point the phone at the plate. If the image looks bad without a flash, the Party Gods are sending you a message. Don’t move your plate around or stand on your chair to get a better angle.
  • Be discreet. Don’t make a production of it. One shot… two tops. And remember: No Flash.
  • Respect other diners. If they give you dirty looks, stop. They’re there to have an enjoyable meal, too.
  • Ask if the restaurant can send you some images. Better still, go to their website. Most likely, those are professional images (but give credit where credit it due).

What do you think? Do you agree? Would you eat in a restaurant that bans cellphones?



The Kitchen Think: Girl Scouts Get Social


You go girl!mtc_thinmint_abc

Tomorrow is the first annual National Girl Scout Cookie Day  and this year the gals in green are working social media like a boss.

✔ Twitter: @girlscouts #onemorebox

✔ App: available for iPhone or Android

✔ YouTube: How to Buy Cookies (really?)

✔ Facebook: Enter the One-Day Only Contest!

✔ Pinterest: Pin Your Cookie

✔ Blog: Updates On GS Cookie Day

See what I mean… I’m not exaggerating!girlscoutscookietruck

And if you happen to be in New York City, look for the Girl Scout Cookie Food Truck. Again… no joke. They’ll be tweeting exactly where they’ll be selling all your faves: Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos and Samoas.

Wonder if they’ll also have that new shitake mushroom-infused cookie, Mango Crèmes? (No, I’m not kidding…)

Not quite sure about that one yet…










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