Plated + Served: 30-Minute Skillet Dinner


Heading back-to-school doesn’t mean you have to head back to the same boring dinnertime routines.

With five kids, I know the reality of starting a new school year: endless carpools, sports team practices, teacher meetings and yet another trip to the store for that pink highlighter your daughter didn’t realize she needed.

But I’ve also come to know, and appreciate, the importance of having dinner together as a family… especially during the school week.

I’ll admit that I’m the one who has to make it happen because I do the cooking. But if dinner takes less than 30-minutes, and we eat together (and I can get the download on what’s really happening at school) it’s worth it.

Sopa Seca, or “dry soup,” is a familiar dish in many Hispanic homes. I wrote a quick and easy version of this classic recipe for the folks at Right@Home, the bilingual website that’s got great back-to-school ideas for everything from recipes, cleaning and organizing, to decorating and crafts.

You’ll really like this skillet dinner because you can use whatever veggies or cheese you already have on hand. You’ll want to make this tasty dish again and again… even when you aren’t in a hurry!

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