Plated + Served: (Healthier) General Tso’s Chicken


OK… so who, exactly, is this General Tso and why is his chicken dish so popular? (I mean, like, was he the Colonel Sanders of his time?)Zuo_Zongtang

In honor of the Chinese New Year, which began on February 10, I whipped up one of my favorite Chinese dishes: General Tso’s Chicken. At least I’ve always thought it was Chinese.

This spicy-sweet dish is one of the most popular menu items in Chinese restaurants across the U.S. But, the truth is, it isn’t really Chinese… it was actually invented by a Chinese chef working here in the United States.

Then just who is General Tso? Good question. His real name was Zuo Zongtang and he was a wily Chinese military leader during the Qing Dynasty known for his craftiness. He suppressed a major revolt. But there isn’t any connection between him and his namesake recipe… he didn’t invent it or anything.

General Tso was blessed with a catchy name (maybe he was sweet, but spicy, too).

Usually this dish is deep fried, but I changed it and simply sautéed the chicken. Instead of bathing it in sauce as you normally would, I made it a dipping sauce.

You’ll have some sauce leftover, so use it later in the week on steamed veggies to feed the troops…

General Tso would be so proud!

Tso Chicken




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