Gadget Tree: Gilt Taste’s Cooking App


This is game changer… well, at least when it comes to using your iPad for cooking.

 Gilt Groupe, the luxe-obsessed bargain shopping website, is offering a new motion-activated recipe app that turns your iPad into a completely hands-free device. Another bonus: it doesn’t black out in the middle of a recipe.

The free iPad-only app, called Gilt Taste (like the company’s e-commerce food site), uses the iPad’s built-in camera to follow your hand movements: Wave your hand from right to left in front of the screen, like you’re turning a page, and the recipe moves from one step to the next (left to right to go back).

And, you won’t lose track of where you are in the recipe because the ingredient list can stay on the screen.

The one downside is that the app has a limited number of recipes for now. But since former Gourmet Magazine editor Ruth Reichl has curated them, they are creative, thougha bit aspirational for a novice cook (which is not a bad thing!). A few of the ingredients may be hard to find in your supermarket, but some of them you can buy on the website (at mind-blowing prices, natch…).

Even though you don’t have to touch your iPad with this app, I’d still recommend using a Chef Sleeve  and/or Belkin Cabinet/Fridge Mount to keep the device flour-free olive-oil proof.


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