Kitchen Think: Last Minute (Food) Gift Ideas


Finished your shopping?

Don’t stress… here are a few last-minute, under-$30 food-related items that, if you order today, are guaranteed to get there (and fit perfectly!) before Christmas.

Disclaimer: I’m going by the promises made on the company’s website… Mama doesn’t take responsibility for wayward packages!

Harry and David’s $29.95 “Merry Mix-Up” classic gift box first appeared in their catalog in 1962… and they offer free shipping if you order today.



Got a chocolate lover on the list? There are two ways you can go: upscale or family favorites. Fancy chocolate lovers will flip for the unusual offerings of Vosges Mix ‘n Match Exotic and Organic Mini Chocolate Bars for $12.50. For those who prefer the more familiar, you can get a Vintage Oval Tin filled with Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses for $21.95.



Argo Tea has a couple of great gift ideas for $19.95 that tea-sippers can take to the office (or enjoy anywhere). If its coffee drinkers you need a gift for, check out Green Mountain Coffee’s Bagged Coffee, Mug and Canvas tote for $16.92.


Want a more unusual gift? How about Goode and Company’s “Hall of Flame” BBQ Sauce gift set for $24.95? Or the Heirloom Bean Sampler from Rancho Gordo for $27.50.

Of course, you can always fall back on the classic Holiday Food Gift: a Fruitcake from Swiss Colony for $18.95. Enjoy!


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