How to Make The Best Granola Ever


A lot of packaged granola is loaded with sugar and sodium. This one isn't. It's gluten-free and vegan - the best granola ever.

Have you seen how many different kinds of granola you can buy? 

A lot of the granola you see in grocery stores is loaded with too much sugar and sodium… definitely not something you want if you’re trying to eat healthy (and Granola started off as a health food, remember).

Here’s a better idea… make your own. This is a very easy gluten-free, vegan recipe that shows you how to make the best granola ever. I’ve used brown sugar and maple syrup to give it a subtle sweetness and added just a pinch of salt. The almonds and tart cherries bump up the excitement!

Find the printable recipe below the image!

How to Make The Best Granola Ever

Plated + Served: On The First Day of Christmas…


I’ve really had the holiday spirit this year, so, like the song, I’m going to celebrate the 12-days of Christmas with 12 delicious recipes that play off of the lyrics.

Today is the First Day of Christmas and as the song says, “My true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.”

Sorry to disappoint you, this is not a recipe for roasted partridge. I do have the pear tree covered, however, with this crunchy, nut-free Granola with dried pears and cranberries. You don’t have to use dried pears, any dried fruit will do, and you can add nuts, if you want.

But I’d recommend leaving out the partridge…



Crunchy Granola Parfaits


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