Kitchen Think: This Week’s Most Interesting Food News


The big headline this week was the New York Times apocalyptic review of Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant… but you already know all about that.

And I’m sure you also know they handed out Michelin Stars to the top restaurants in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco

So here are the rest of this week’s food news tidbits…


Buh-bye Twinkies… Ding-Dongs, Ho Ho’s, Sno Balls and Donettes.


But really…. who needs a sugar high when you can munch on caffeinated crackers?

And you can dip those coffee crackers in Heniz’ new Tomato Ketchup flavor.

And finally, a Food Truck for Babies… Really. Complete with a Boobie on Top.

Have a great weekend!







Kitchen Think: The Most Interesting Food News This Week


You already know this week’s big food news… they’ve banned oversized sugary drinks in New York and the makers of pink slime have brought a libel suit against ABC News.

But here are a few other interesting items you may have missed…

I’ve eaten live eels, fried grub worms and lamb eyeballs… but I think I’ll take a pass on Candy Corn Oreos. Thank goodness my pal Mike Sula at the Chicago Reader took the bullet for me. 

The Food Network’s neon-coiffed Guy Fieri just opened the latest celebrity restaurant in New York. One of the appetizers: “Guy-talian Nachos,” which include pepperoni, ricotta crema and something called “fried pasta chips.”


Letting us know how many calories each item contains isn’t going to stop most of us from ordering that Double Cheese Burger and Biggie Fries at McDonald’s… we want what we want.

And this woman claims she lost more than 80-lbs eating exclusively at Starbucks. Right.

Have a great weekend!


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