Plated + Served: 10-Tomato Tart


Had your fill of fresh tomatoes yet? Yeah, me neither.

Where I live, we get just a few months to enjoy farm fresh, luscious tomatoes… especially the heirloom variety. Then it’s back to those no-taste hard red baseballs, which I try desperately not to buy unless I’m forced.

This 10-Tomato Tart recipe uses 10 different kinds of tomatoes. You really can taste the tomatoes… they’re not hidden in an egg custard or baked until they disintegrate. Flash the tomatoes in the oven for just a bit in order to sweeten and round out their tangy flavor. Adding a hint of Gruyere cheese gives it all some depth.

I made the crust from scratch, but you can use a store-bought refrigerated piecrust to make it easier.

You don’t have to use 10 different kinds of tomatoes… use what you can find. But make this tart as soon as you can because when the tomatoes are gone, the warm days of summer will be almost finished as well.






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