Plated + Served: Chipotle-Honey Sweet Potato Wedges


Rejoice! Sweet Potatoes have finally been liberated from the holiday table!

We see them everywhere lately: Chips, fries, jams, pies… and, of course, smashed, mashed and swirled into sauces, soups and made into luscious desserts.

And why not? They are rich with potassium, vitamin C and fiber. And the brilliant orange flesh practically screams “I’m loaded with beta-carotene.” The best part? They’re available year round.

These Chipotle-Honey Sweet Potato Wedges will be a perfect addition to your spring menu. I wrote this recipe for the folks at Right@Home, the bilingual website that offers up not only healthy recipes, but also helpful tips on Spring Cleaning and organizing your home.

Once the house is clean, Right@Home also has great ideas for redecorating or indulging the kids in a little family fun… like starting an inside garden that can be replanted outside once it warms up.

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