How To Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds


How To Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds - Mama's High StrungAre you making a pumpkin pie from scratch this Thanksgiving? Don’t throw out the best part!

I’m talking about the seeds, of course!

After you wash and cut open the pumpkin, scoop out the pulp and seeds. Place them in a big bowl and then call one of the little kids into the kitchen. Tell them their job is to remove the seeds from the “slime” (use that word, they’ll think it’s cool). Have your helper drop the seeds into a separate bowl.

After the seeds and pulp have been separated, rinse the seeds in a colander and then lay them out on paper towels to air dry. Put them in a re-sealable plastic bag until you’re ready to use them (they’ll hold for about a week).

There are so many ways to roast pumpkin seeds. Here’s my recipe for how to make Candied Pumpkin Seeds, which are great to snack on, top a salad or sprinkle in your oatmeal. They also make sweet little hostess gifts!

I made these very Spice Island spicy, not hot spicy. Click here to read more and to get the recipe!

How to Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds - Mama's High Strung

Kitchen Think: This Week’s Most Interesting Food News


The big headline this week was the New York Times apocalyptic review of Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant… but you already know all about that.

And I’m sure you also know they handed out Michelin Stars to the top restaurants in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco

So here are the rest of this week’s food news tidbits…


Buh-bye Twinkies… Ding-Dongs, Ho Ho’s, Sno Balls and Donettes.


But really…. who needs a sugar high when you can munch on caffeinated crackers?

And you can dip those coffee crackers in Heniz’ new Tomato Ketchup flavor.

And finally, a Food Truck for Babies… Really. Complete with a Boobie on Top.

Have a great weekend!







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