Plated + Served: Summer Corn and Black Bean Salad with Tequila Vinaigrette


Sugary sweet, bright kernels of sunshine have finally arrived. Summer’s freshest corn is in the market.

You say corn has been in your farmers’ market for a while? Ha! Those ears were merely poseurs.

The corn you buy this weekend will be so fresh and ready to eat, you can shuck it on site and eat it right off the cob (but please pay for it first).

This is one of my favorite simple summertime recipes. You can use canned beans, but the corn should be fresh off the cob so you get that delightful crunch. The tequila in the lime vinaigrette adds just the right kick and earthiness. You can also leave out the tequila.

Pee Wee Herman looooves this recipe (especially the Tequila part). Do you have a favorite recipe for fresh corn that’ll make your family want to get up and dance?


Fresh Summer Corn and Black Bean Salad with Tequila Vinaigrettejpg








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