Plated + Served: Mango and Banana Batidos (aka Milkshakes!)


You know what a batido is, don’t you?

Batidos (aka licuados or preparados) are Latin American fruit-filled drinks, similar to smoothies. As this hot summer drags on, these deliciously refreshing “milkshakes” have been popping up everywhere.

Here’s a twist on the traditional batido that I came up with for my pals at Right@Home, the bilingual website that’s always in the know when it comes to recipes, cleaning and organizing, decorating, crafts and special offers.

After we made the batidos, the kids had fun adding their favorite toppings… fresh summer fruit and a little cereal for crunch. The best part? They were eating another serving of fruit without even knowing it.

Hmmm… I’m keeping this recipe idea in my back pocket for when the kids go back to school next month!


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