Try This: Sea Farm’s Roasted Natural Seaweed


Remember when Mama wanted you to try Kimchi? Now Kimchi is everywhere and you are über hip for knowing about it (even if you’ve yet to sample it).

Ace Farm/Sea Farm Roasted Natural Seaweed

Well, Mama’s got another one for you: Ace Farm’s Roasted Natural Nori Seaweed.

Don’t make that face, you haven’t even tried it yet (or maybe you have and didn’t even know)! This is the green stuff they use in sushi restaurants to make rolls (aka “maki”), like a California Roll.

Dried nori (which is the Japanese word for red algae), is one of the hottest healthy trends on the West Coast because it’s one-third protein and one-third dietary fiber. It’s vegan sugar free, dairy free, cholesterol free, low fat, Non-GMO and doesn’t have any preservatives. It’s also gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Sold yet? Okay, it’s also a natural detoxifier that helps fuel weight loss because it decreases blood sugars and helps keep your gastro intestinal tract healthy.

It comes in three flavors, wasabi, sesame and olive oil. It tastes like the sea… crisp and bright and slightly salty. It’s a happy taste with a slight crunch

I use it in soups, rice, noodles and crumbled on top of fish as a garnish. My daughter, Alix, eats it like chips (it even comes in snack-packs).

So, you can make that face is you want to… but trust me, it’s gonna be big. Mama just knows…now, pass the kimchi.


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