Plated + Served: Silver Dollar Blueberry Pancakes with Lemon Yogurt


Breakfast should make you happy.

I know that’s not always possible… sometimes you have to just grab something and GO!

During the week, I know it’s pretty difficult to make a “happy breakfast.” But finding the time, especially on weekends, to prepare something really delicious might be easier, and the results can be amazing.

Like these Silver Dollar Pancakes.

A lot of people settle for toaster-made pancakes because the homemade version seems too time consuming and, well, messy. But that’s why you do it when you have a little bit of time, so you’re not in a hurry and wind up making an even bigger mess.

The trickiest part for most people is making sure the temperature of the pan is “just right.” I always make a “test pancake” to make sure it is good to go. Honestly, sometimes I have to make several test pancakes, but I’m getting better at it. And that makes me happy.

Just like these pancakes. And, oh, by the way… they make the fam pretty happy, too!



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