Plated + Served: Sriracha Potato Salad


Your potato salad is about to get a kick in the chops.

This summer, you’ll probably eat a lot of forgettable (but hopefully not regrettable) potato salads. Here’s one you’ll remember.

You start with the usual: mayo and potatoes, of course. But then, you’ll take a sharp left turn: mint, carrots and lemon juice. Oh, did I mention: Sriracha Sauce?

The garlicky sweet and salty Sriracha Thai chili sauce brings a bright umami curiosity to this usually reserved (and often bland) summer salad staple.

You’ll be tempted to go overboard with the Sriracha. Don’t… you’ll blot out the cool freshness of the mint. I threw in carrots for crunch, but, you can add celery to keep some semblance of the traditional recipe.

The summer heat is coming… in more ways than one.



Plated + Served: All American Potato Salad


Want to know the most difficult thing about this potato salad? Shooting a photo for this website that does it justice.

This is actually a delicious tasting salad especially because it works so well with “add-ons”: chopped crisp bacon, shredded celery, hard-boiled eggs wedges, diced red and green pepper, minced dill pickles… the list goes on and on.

So, for now at least, forget that you need to buy school supplies and who knows what else to get the kids ready for “back to school.” Whip up this potato salad, make some sandwiches and have dinner outside tonight, while the weather is warm and beautiful.

And while you’re out there, take a family photo, too. They won’t be young forever!


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