How To Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds


How To Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds - Mama's High StrungAre you making a pumpkin pie from scratch this Thanksgiving? Don’t throw out the best part!

I’m talking about the seeds, of course!

After you wash and cut open the pumpkin, scoop out the pulp and seeds. Place them in a big bowl and then call one of the little kids into the kitchen. Tell them their job is to remove the seeds from the “slime” (use that word, they’ll think it’s cool). Have your helper drop the seeds into a separate bowl.

After the seeds and pulp have been separated, rinse the seeds in a colander and then lay them out on paper towels to air dry. Put them in a re-sealable plastic bag until you’re ready to use them (they’ll hold for about a week).

There are so many ways to roast pumpkin seeds. Here’s my recipe for how to make Candied Pumpkin Seeds, which are great to snack on, top a salad or sprinkle in your oatmeal. They also make sweet little hostess gifts!

I made these very Spice Island spicy, not hot spicy. Click here to read more and to get the recipe!

How to Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds - Mama's High Strung

Try This: Williams-Sonoma Turkey Gravy Base


The gravy-guzzlers are coming… be prepared.

If you’ve ever run out of gravy or had lousy gravy at a holiday dinner, you know the definition of a dinner disaster. Well, here’s something you should tuck away into your pantry (just in case).

Williams-Sonoma’s Turkey Gravy Base is all you need to keep the gravy-gorgers at bay. Each 18-ounce jar makes four cups of deliciously rich basic gravy… just add a little milk.

While the flavor of the Base is very good, you can enhance it by stirring in sautéed onions, garlic or mushrooms (or all three!). Another thought: add a few tablespoons of finely minced fresh herbs.

To brighten the flavor just bit, add a half a teaspoon of lemon juice right before you take it to the table.

With Williams-Sonoma’s Turkey Gravy Base in the house, you’ve got no reason to fear the gravy-guzzlers…in fact, you can even let them take a little home when they leave! (They do leave, right?)


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