Kitchen Think: This Week’s Food News You Need To Know


Time for a round up of the food headlines of the week… the really important ones, like the eating habits of movie stars and gadgets that will keep your coffee hot.

(Mama likes taking the low road every now and then—it’s waaayy more fun, and a lot dang easier to write!)

This was a short week, what with the holiday and all. Here’s a quick quiz: What’s the Fourth of July really about? Freedom, course. Which means Americans are free to gorge themselves in ridiculous food eating contests. God Bless the U.S. of A.



You know how much Mama loves gadgets. Well here’s a great one to keep your java hot: a cup that reheats without electricity.

Good News for Sharks everywhere (no, I’m not talking about lawyers). China has banned the tasty soup at official receptions!

Love Taco Bell’s “Breakfast Cocktail?” (For the uninitiated that’s Moutain Dew and OJ.) Well, looks like other fast food joints are going to be pushing soda in the morning, too.

I hate when I read things like this: Movie star Blake Lively eats tons of cupcakes and doesn’t work out. It. Just. Isn’t. Fair.

Have a great weekend… and have no fear, next week, it’s back on the high road! Maybe.


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