Plated + Served: Shortcut Sticky Buns


Mama loves sticky buns. Love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em.

But making homemade sticky buns can take hours and hours. And I know you’d rather be doing other things with those hours and hours.

So here’s a sticky bun recipe that doesn’t take forever to make, but still has all the cinnamon gooeyness you love. I used raisins because Miss Picky-Nicky has that nut-allergy thing, but pecans taste wonderful in this recipe.

Hey! Here’s an idea: leave this recipe lying around some place where someone (the kids? Your partner? Dad?) will find it and make it for you this weekend! Then you can start doing whatever it is you want to do… for hours and hours.

I mean… it is Mother’s Day, after all!

I’m Christina Chavez

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