Plated + Served: Turkey and Dumplings


Don’t just reheat your Thanksgiving leftovers. Re-purpose them.

And exactly what does mama mean by that? Well, “leftovers” is just re-heating something you served the day before…”re-purposing” means taking the previous day’s meal and whipping it into a completely new dish!

So, instead of boring Turkey Sandwiches, try:

• Turkey Rueben

• Turkey Monte Cristo

• Turkey Cuban Sandwich

• Turkey Grilled Cheese

Don’t forget to slap some cranberry sauce in there if you have any left.

For a quick and easy dinner:

• Turkey Tacos, Quesadillas or Tostadas

• Turkey Caesar Salad (I’m sure you’ve already thought of this)

• Turkey Mac and Cheese (homemade Mac and Cheese or out of the box)

• Turkey Fettucini Alfredo

Feeding the fam leftovers is a lot easier if they don’t think they are eating leftovers. I guess wearing a disguise always makes things, shall we say, more interesting…. Ahemmm.




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