Extra Helpings: What The Heck Is This?


Denutia asks: I got this as a wedding present and have no idea what it is. Obviously it’s a fancy slicer… but how exactly do I use it?

Whoever gave you this gift obviously has high expectations of what you’ll be whipping up for dinner with your husband! That’s a Truffle Shaver… but, since most of us rarely get the opportunity to actually shave a whole truffle, it’s also known as a Chocolate Shaver.

Mama has one of these and I use it like a small hand-held mandoline. This little tool makes gorgeous chocolate curls, as well as paper-thin slices of ginger and Parmesan cheese.

You can go garnish crazy (presentation is everything!) with this little gadget because the adjustable screw angles the blade for slices as thin as 3/16 of an inch. You can use it on radishes and carrots or any other vegetable that you want to slice super thin.

Your little shaver is made out of stainless steel so it is probably dishwasher safe… but I’d wash it carefully by hand to keep the cutting edge nice and sharp.

Now, back to the intended purpose of this little device: shaving truffles. Truffles are in season in October and November, but they’re pricey—black truffles run about $75 an ounce… white truffles are about $225 an ounce. But, if you’re into food (and Mama knows you are), truffles can turn Christmas or New Year’s dinner into a really special occasion!


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