Gadget Tree: Watermelon Cutting and Serving Board


Summer is all about having fun… so why not add a bit of whimsy to the kitchen as well?

Here’s a suggestion: This non-slip Watermelon Cutting and Serving Board.

Since watermelons are already showing up in the supermarket produce aisle, this is a great way to showcase one of the summer’s most refreshing fruits. But it’s also perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres and cheese because the nonporous dishwasher-safe plastic surface won’t take on food odors.

I saw one of these at the Housewares Show a few months back. When the good folks at Dexas sent me one to test out, I was happy to see that the molded edges curve up slightly so that fruit juice doesn’t end up dripping all over the floor. It’s reversible, too. Right now you can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond, HEB Supermarkets and Dillard’s, as well as the Dexas website.

It’s pretty, it’s functional and it’s dishwasher safe… three huge plusses. And, the board doesn’t slide all over the counter, which not only makes carving the watermelon easier, but safer, too. (Very important if you’re gonna let the older kids get in on the act.)

I’ll have some watermelon recipes real soon… because I want to show off my fun cutting board.

Whimsical and safe… what a great combination!


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