The Best Water Bottle Ever: The Snack-DuO

BPA Free Snack DuoI’ve found the perfect way to stay hydrated and energized during a blogging conference, trade show or any event where you need to keep your star-power bright.

You’re going to want one of these, especially before all the spring-time travel begins! This is the best water bottle ever!

My good pals over at Dexas International know me soooo well. They know that I’m always on the go… or just playing catch-up with my crazy life.

Drinking lots of water is the name of the game (as we all know), but having something healthy to eat when you are on the verge of your next meal is just as important (that’s when we make bad choices… or at least I do).

Dexas has the answer: The Snack-DuO water bottle… the only bottle that has two side-by-side chambers: one to hold whatever you like to drink, and another to hold a snack.

BPA-free Snack Duo Water BottleAnd, before I continue, because this is important, the Snack-DuO is made of Tritan™ copolyester, a BPA and BPS-free plastic. No bisphenols in this high impact-resistant bottle! Good to know, especially because there’s so much talk about the risk of using plastic water bottles that aren’t BPA free!

Do you workout or go to the gym? I really try (key word: try) to work out everyday. I know that after a workout I need to eat something… especially something healthy. Before I work out, I fill the snack-side of the Snack-DuO with protein bar bites, trail mix or almonds. Okay, sometimes I fill it with M&M’s, but that’s only sometimes.BPA Snack Duo Water Bottle

The bottle is watertight and holds 12 ounces of liquid. The snack chamber holds 1½ cups of your fave snack, which is more than a serving size of most healthy snacks. Love that the Snack-DuO is also dishwasher safe.

The Snack-DuO is great for commuting… or for making sure the kids have a healthy snack before their after-school activities!

Now… doesn’t this sound like the best water bottle ever? Order your Snack DuO here!

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The Kitchen Think: Exercise vs. Calorie Counts on Menus


Go ahead, order the Quarter Pound Double Cheese Burger. But bear in mind, you’ll have to walk briskly for about 2 hours to burn off all those calories it contains.

If restaurant menus listed the amount of exercise needed to work off each dish, would you make smarter choices? A new study says you would.

Guess what? Diners who ordered from menus that listed the amount of exercise needed to burn off the calories of what they ordered, started ordering smaller, healthier meals.

What’s even more interesting is that diners whose menus only listed the calorie count (or no information at all) wound up eating the same number of calories they would have without the calorie count. In other words, knowing simply how many calories a dish has, makes no difference—most of us would still order it! I want what I want when I want it!

A lot of restaurants, particularly chains, are listing calories on their menus now… which is a smart move. My fear is that we’ll get numb to the numbers… and go on overeating.

But believe me, Mama would pay attention if the menu said I’d have to walk three hours to burn off one piece of deep dish pizza.

Wouldn’t you?

I’m Christina Chavez

I was a TV journalist for many years, but with a house full of kids I decided to come off the road, go to culinary school and follow my passion for cooking. Mama’s High Strung is all about food… everything from creative recipe ideas to some really cool kitchen gadgets and cooking tips. I live in Chicago, but I love to travel and write about my food discoveries! You can reach me by email: